The Baltimore Police Department needs officers to Join For Good and serve their communities with empathy, integrity and courage. Help others and connect with communities while advancing into exciting new roles in a rewarding career.

My mother was a Baltimore City Police Officer for 25 years. I got to see her interactions with the community. I knew that it was a rewarding job, and I knew it was something I wanted to do.”

Kevin Bailey Retired Sergeant



What does it mean to Join For Good? It means being the best answer when Baltimore calls for help. It means doing the work needed to help communities thrive in the city you care about.

And it also means growing into a long and rewarding career that you love as much as you love this city.

The Baltimore Police Department is committed to making a difference. Among our responsibilities to Baltimore’s communities is a commitment to providing career options with opportunities for advancement, development and training. 

All new officers learn to use state-of-the-art technology that improves our safety, accountability and impact.

We’re also offering new bonus incentives for new hires.

Now’s the time to Join For Good.





As a young person living in Baltimore, Shandell can still remember that things used to be different. Neighborhoods felt safer for kids and families. And the relationship between residents and law enforcement wasn’t always so strained. She knows that respect and communication are the foundation of a good officer. “You have to know how to talk to people,” she said. “You have to have good customer service.” Her perspective is the type of change that the city needs.



The advancement opportunities within the Baltimore Police Department are as unique as your passion and talent. Officers can become leaders and specialists in a wide range of roles—from the Cyber Crimes team to the K-9 unit. But we all start in the same place, patrolling our communities. Start by connecting with the people you’ll serve, find room to grow and take on more to become a role model and leader.


Path of an Officer

Top Positions Selected Internally

Senior Leadership

Bria Hightower Officer

From the Beat

For Bria Hightower, the decision to become a police officer was sparked by tragedy. “In 2008, my father was murdered. The homicide detective who handled my father’s case still works here, and we grew a relationship. Eventually, it made me want to become a homicide detective so I can give families...the same justice I got.” In her three years in the department, she’s learned a lot about herself—and about the community she serves. Integrity is non-negotiable if you’re going to be a good police officer, but you’ve also got to be authentic. “Engage with the community. Show them we’re human beings.”

Hiring Process

Hiring Process

We’ve revamped our hiring process, allowing us to reach more diverse applicants while removing the barriers that may keep qualified candidates from applying.

Complete an online application
Take the National Testing Network Police Exam
(Free for Baltimore residents)
Take the Physical Fitness Test
Attend a preliminary interview
Complete and pass the required background investigation, physical examination, and psychological evaluation


The ideal officer candidate:

  • Is a U.S. citizen, or a permanent legal resident of the United States who: is an honorably discharged veteran of the United States Armed Forces; and has submitted an application for United States citizenship that is pending approval.
  • Possesses a valid driver's license.

  • Is at least 20 years and 9 months of age upon beginning the Police Academy.

  • Has a high school diploma or GED.

  • Can pass a comprehensive background check.

  • Has a good driving record with no more than five points.

  • Has not had a DWI/DUI conviction within the last 24 months.

  • Has been Honorably Discharged if they served in the military.

  • Has no felony convictions.

  • Is not currently on parole or probation.

  • Has had any misdemeanor charges expunged.

  • Has not illegally used a controlled dangerous substance, narcotic drug or marijuana for any purpose for three or more years; or less than three years, but not less than 12 months, on the condition that the applicant agrees to complete an annual substance abuse test during the two years following the applicant’s date of initial certification.
  • Can pass a mental and physical examination.

  • Is, above all, truthful throughout the hiring process.

Salary + Benefits


As of 7/1/2023:

Starting Annual Salary: $61,349

Top officers can earn up to $102,995.

The BPD is an equal opportunity employer. Employees who have been with the city for at least one year are eligible for 12 weeks of unpaid family and medical leave.


The BPD offers a competitive package that includes:

  • $5,000 signing bonus for new hires upon successful graduation.
  • $5,000/year additional student loan assistance for new hires.

  • Referral Bonus of $5,000 per employee per hire.

  • A pension after 25 years of service (60% of sworn member’s salary).

  • Health insurance with prescription, dental and vision.

  • Six-month paid entry-level Police Academy training.

  • Pay incentives for associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degrees.
  • Equipment at no cost.

  • An option to participate in the tax-deferred, 457B retirement plan (Deferred Compensation).

  • A property tax credit of up to $2,500 per year for officers who live in the city.

  • $1,000/month housing allowance for new hires who also move into Baltimore City.

  • Paid Time Off (PTO).
  • Tuition Reimbursement.

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